Through formal and narrative experiments, After the Magician explores themes of invisibility, magic and dreams, drawing on the non-existent film Le Magicien (1947) by the underrated surrealist artist Alice Rahon that was never finished, and even got lost before its completion. Alice Rahon was a surrealist artist working mostly with painting. At the end of the 1940’s, Rahon created her only film, Le Magicien (The Magician), narrating a story of a magician who was given a task to create a new human after the world had been destroyed by the nuclear war. However, the experimental film had been lost before its completion. After the Magician not only retells the original film’ story of a magician living on the bottom of the sea, but also takes inspiration in Rahon’s life and work.

After the Magician / Podle čaroděje
Experimental film / 2020
Director: Lea Petříková
Co-producers: UMPRUM, Nadační fond FILMTALENT ZLÍN
Suported by: Czech Film Fund
Museum of Contemporary Art (North Miami, USA),
Madatac Festival (Madrid, ES),
IDFF Ji.hlava (CZ)
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"After the Magician by Lea Petrikova is a rare and special film in that it is both wonderfully experimental and beautifully experiential." Kevin Arrow, Exhibitions and Project Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami

Prague, Czech Republic