Main hero of Radek Brousil’s film in a half-dead fish costume wanders through a city and a country in a mental dialog speaking to a female hyperobject about the end, shame, guilt and possibility to do something. Skateboarding, smoking cigarettes and questions about “feeling the butterflies” together with long, distancing shots and captivating music as if would refer to melancholic romance of independent 90s cult movies. The authenticity of intimate experience is however constantly alienated by the overal theatricality of costumes and props, overplay, cut-ins and mainly ever present shadows of real catastrophe. Intentionally unresolved ambivalence of intimate and real-life drama can be hence read as resolutive appeal.
Can You Still Feel The Butterflies?
experimental short
Directors: Radek Brousil, Kryštof Hlůže
Suported by: UMPRUM

Official Selection:
68th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
17th Athens Digital Arts Festival
PAF Jiné vize 2021 
Marienbad Film Festival
East Silver Market 2021

Prague, Czech Republic