If I Ever Lose My Eyes is an experimental feature film, it also functions as a series of short films, episodes that do not directly follow each other, but are connected by developing thematic, inspirational or formal links. In the project, director Lea Petříková elaborates enigmatic stories on the edge between authenticity and fiction, which recount mysterious events, experiences surpassing previous experiences and states of consciousness or the traces of those who have transcended us. The project is a reflection on the nature of the film medium and its (in) ability to depict what is seen and experienced, and especially what lies outside both categories. Can the film medium capture what cannot be seen by the eye? Or is the film capable of performing its real tricks when we “lose our eyes“?
If I Ever Lose My Eyes
Experimental film
Director: Lea Petříková
Co-producers: Nadační fond FILMTALENT ZLÍN, AMU, etc. gallery, Petrohradská kolektiv, Jan Rousek
Supported by: Czech Film Fund
In production. Premiere in 2023.

Prague, Czech Republic