If I Ever Lose My Eyes is a multi-layered contemplation on the frontier between the visible and invisible worlds. In the film, the director sets out to explore the mysterious space where the illuminated stage ends and where stories open up behind the curtain, behind the “viewed”. She meets a number of remarkable characters, each of whom searches in their own way for something higher, in the physical or abstract sense, something that transcends everyday reality or the framework of the visible. The film becomes the means of research which questions the act of viewing and emphasises the significance of the invisible, searches for traces of what cannot be viewed, and reflects the relationship between the visible and film as a medium aiming to capture the observed surface and, at the same time, transcending the limits of viewing since the very beginnings of filmmaking.

If I Ever Lose My Eyes
Experimental documentary film
Director: Lea Petříková
Co-producers: FAMU, etc.gallery, Petrohradská kolektiv, Jan Rousek, Nadační fond FILMTALENT Zlín
With the support of Czech Film Fund
Presented at Ji.hlava New Visions Forum 2022
Premiered at IDFF Ji.hlava - Czech Joy competition
︎, ifieverlosemyeyes.com

Prague, Czech Republic