A film journey through places near and far, real, and dreamy, on the border of reality and fiction, where it is possible to learn how close the realm of the invisible lies and contemplate whether it is possible to approach the invisible through film. Guides on this journey are various explorers who present their elusive experiences with researching and capturing imprints of invisible - former filmmakers, forgotten film movement, local history expert, mountaineer, professor, and the director, Lea Petříková, herself. But the more they reveal, the more complicated it gets.
If I Ever Lose My Eyes
Experimental documentary film
Director: Lea Petříková
Co-producers: Nadační fond FILMTALENT ZLÍN, AMU, etc. gallery, Petrohradská kolektiv, Jan Rousek
Supported by: Czech Film Fund
Premiere in 2023.

Prague, Czech Republic