Parents in their late 40s live in an old village house with their three teenage children. They slowly realize that as the years pass, their children's departure from the family home is close. Unexpected news of the mother's pregnancy suddenly enters the long-established ruts of family life. Over the course of three spring months, we observe how the notion of a new sibling subtly permeates the family's everyday life and affects all the inhabitants of the house.
March to May is an intimate observation of a functioning family, which proves that more than drama, there is life going on.

March to May / Od marca do mája
Feature Fiction Film
Director: Martin Pavol Repka
Presented at: Czech Film Springboard (Finále Plzeň), First Cut Lab (KVIFF 2023), First Cut+, TRT Award Winner - WEMW Trieste

Premiere: 58th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Proxima Competition

Prague, Czech Republic